Meet Alberto, FXStreet’s Spanish Forum Manager

We are headquartered in Barcelona but FXStreet wouldn’t be the same without its international co-workers. And that’s why today we want to present you Alberto Muñoz, FXStreet’s Spanish Forum Manager. On this interview, he explains to us how is for him working from home in Madrid and how hard is the life of a forum moderator. What is more, and it might surprise you, discover what was one of his first jobs before landing in the financial world.

Alberto at work

Alberto Muñoz Cabanes
Alberto Muñoz Cabanes

First of all, how does a day in the life of the Spanish Forum Manager at FXStreet look?

Well it’s like a… roller coaster! 😀 Seriously speaking, there are days when there’s low activity and days when a lot of users decide to ask questions about Forex or some of them decide to start a quarrel for any insignificant reason and you have to intervene and ban a user. At the end, that means that you’re 24/7 watching the forum to avoid any conflict and help users. 

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