Meet Olga, FXStreet’s Administration Assistant

After talking with our office staff of Marketing, Content, Overseas, IT and Sales departments, the day has arrived to interview one of our Administration members. Assistant at the administration department of the company, Olga is the first person you see when you arrive at the office in the morning because she is also in charge of reception on FXStreet headquarters. She always greets you with a smile and a cheerful attitude.  

Olga at work


How does a day in the life of the Administration Assistant at FXStreet look?

I arrive at the office at eight o‘clock. I take off the answering machine and I open my email’s inbox. Then, I do all the tasks derived from it. After that, and depending of the day, I prepare some invoices, update some documents, claim for payments…

As the main responsible at reception, do you prefer to greet visitors or to answer telephone calls?

There’s not a high volume of visitors or phone calls. My contact with them is very brief because I’m just an intermediate between them and someone at the office. Anyway, I think the personal contact is always the best option to assist clients. 

What do you like best about your job?

I like the days where everything goes smooth and I can feel productive doing a lot of things and solving a lot of problems in a little time. Also, I like having to use English all the time to speak to clients.

What do you like least about your job?

I think there’s nothing I really dislike but maybe when I have a lot of of things to do and all the phone calls are to sell us something we are not interested in.

If you were not an Administration Assistant, what would you like to do for a living?

If I wasn’t working in Administration, I would like to be a therapist and spend my time interpreting and learning about the mysteries of the brain 🙂  Or maybe I could be a professional actress, who knows haha.

Animated gifs are often used in internal emails among collaborators at FXStreet… share with us a gif that you particularly like!

I think that some gifs are really funny but I don’t usually search for them. I need to start doing it!

We almost all put our headphones on when working here at the office. What do you usually listen to?

As my place is reception, I have the privilege of not needing to use headphones, which it’s really good for me. I usually realize that I’m not paying attention to music because I get so concentrated, but there is always a radio station with news or some folk and rock music playing on the background.  

Any weird habit you have when working?

It’s not so weird but I bite my nails a lot, but just sometimes… 😉

What are the software, websites or tools you mostly use at work? What for?

I mainly use Excel to prepare some tables and a specific program to prepare invoices. Sometimes I use word processors when I have to text something.

Olga in her personal life

What do you typically do when you get out of the office?

Some days I go home to relax, other days I go to Swing classes, to the cinema or to meet some friends. As I live near the beach, in Summer I love going to the beach after working. It relaxes me and makes me feel fresher than at the beginning of the day.

What are your summer holiday plans?

Next week I’m going to travel to Bilbao to a music festival and I’m going to spend some days there travelling by the coast. In September, I’m going to take the second part of my holiday and I’m going to travel to Cuba. I’m so excited about it! 😀

What are your favorite websites? Do not say FXStreet 😉

I like to be informed about all the activities in the city so I check a lot of sites like Le Cool or Time Out. Also, I usually surf sites that inform me about some cultural or varied topics like Cultura Colectiva, Cultura en Cadena, etc.

 What is the last movie you’ve watched. Would you recommend it?

The last movie that I watched is “Fátima”, a story of an islamic woman and her daughters trying to pull through in a french city. It’s an interesting film but not an outstanding one.

A sport you like to practice?

I don’t practise any specific sport but I use to walk a lot along the city. Also, I dance Swing which it can be an intensive activity.

Do you support the Barça? If not, dare to say which football team you support… if any

I think this can be really weird for some of my colleagues but I don’t like to watch sports. In case I liked I would support Barça, of course! 😉

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