Get ready for the NFP report with Valeria Bednarik

Every first Friday of the month, the US Non-Farm Payrolls is scheduled to release the most important data about the currencies moves where markets are more volatile than any other news event. The US Jobs Report outlines the health of the US economy and central banks, which in consequence it means everyone on the planet is impacted by NFP.

And once again, on Friday the date will arrive to our calendars.

Do you want to know some advice on how to trade it? Our Chief Analyst Valeria Bednarik will show you some tips on her new and special video for the event.

Why is that sometimes the dollar falls on a good reading? What do salaries have to do with the FED? Why is that some currencies rally and others remain neutral?

Don’t miss Valeria’s educational video because she has the answer for it. Also, Bednarik will resolve more enigmas that will lead you in the way of trading.

Still curious about Non-Farm Payrolls? Take a look at the following articles where you will find the best information to be prepared on Friday:

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