FXStreet, one of the Top 10 Best Forex Calendars

Today we’re happy and proud to announce that we have been selected as one of the best worldwide Forex Calendars in 2016! Earn Forex has decided that FXStreet’s economic data provided on real-time deserves to be at the Top 10 websites that offer a high level of information quality at Economic Calendar.

At FXStreet we offer the latest data of financial markets events on GTM time frame with indicators, historic charts, market impact filters referred as Volatility and links to related news. Another of the features that user might find is the non-scalable Javascript based chart.


An interesting characteristic of our Calendar is that it offers a keyword search that helps traders to proceed with an accurate and fast research.

Additionally, FXStreet is available on a mobile version, which it can downloaded at App Store and Google Play, with real-time Economic Calendar, technical reports and currency charts. All sections are easy to shift from the open menu.

On top of that, our target market is all the Forex Traders of all around the world. This is why our main website is in English but it is also available in 16 other languages: Spanish, Japanese, simplified and traditional Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, French, Italian, Turkish, Vietnamese, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Korean and Catalan.

Why should you start to check our Calendar? As Earn Forex said, use FXStreet if:

  • You need the auto-update feature.
  • You want to filter events simultaneously with keywords and custom dates.
  • You prefer an in-depth study of the economic data.
  • You wish to receive Outlook based notifications.
  • You want to export the calendar to CVS or ICS.

Also, have a look at this complete study about Forex Brokers and Economic Calendars by Leap Rate, where FXStreet is included as one of the best resources to make proper investment decisions.

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