Live Video: Mauricio Carrillo about FXStreet’s new TV Channel


We’re excited to announce you the launch of Live Video, FXStreet’s new online TV channel. This exciting project will grow little by little, but already started a few days ago. We thought that the best person to explain you all about it is its manager, Mauricio Carrillo. Here is what you can expect.

Mauricio Carrillo FXstreetFirst of, in a few words, what is FXStreet’s Live Video? What will the user find on this new channel?

FXStreet Live Video is a dream. Our target is to become the first 100% Forex online TV channel and community in the industry. It will mix live and recorded content. The channel will be highly social with lots of ideas and strategies shared by members and users and commented by experts around the clock. They will improve each other in community.

What type of programs will you air?

As you may know, we already have the Live Analysis Room, our cornerstone in this project. After 500 shows, we are taking the appeal of the interactive #FXroom as a model and we will extend it into different kind of shows such as live analysis in all the three opening sessions, interviews, regular educational webinars and news clips when the market calls for our attention. We are also developing a new idea of live coverages where four experts would share their broadcast.

The presenters of all our shows will be highly connected to the audience that can communicate with them and the rest of the community through an open chat.

Will Dale Pinkert, anchor of the Live Analysis Room, still have his program? What will he do and when?

Our singer-trader and presenter Dale Pinkert is an asset in this project. He will continue his daily Live Analysis Room and he will be in our live coverages. He understands the traders and what they need to be comfortable and confident enough to share their ideas. In this framework, I’d like to say that the #FXroom is a blessing; many people have been helped by the daily work of Dale and the whole community;  we already have our own dark horses there!

Can you already give us the name of some of the presenters and their program?

Do you know that curiosity killed the cat? 🙂 We will have some big names aboard. I can tell you that we are working with companies such as ForexLive, Tiptv or ForexCrunch among others; and some special surprises.  I want to point out that FXStreet Live Video will also include our open webinars. Thus, all open educational sessions will be moved from WebEx to the channel soon.

Will you broadcast programs around the clock?

We are planning a blend of live hours with recorded segments. Of course we will try to cover opening bells in Asia, Europe and America on live basis. We will also do live coverages around the clock, no matter where it happens, Shanghai, New York, London, Tokyo, Athens or San Francisco, FXStreet Live Video will be covering it. You already know it: We are Forex, so 24 hours.

Why did you move from Ustream to Youtube? I imagine the user will have a better experience…

An #FXroom member recently asked me this question and my answer was quick and neat: better resolution of the channel, better chat box with message history, and lower consumption of the PC resources so people won’t have buffering or problems to be in the channel. Members will be able to chat from their smartphones! Of course there are lots of things that will need to be improved, we are just in the beta phase, but FXStreet will go the extra mile in our mission to provide better tools to traders.

Will the programs be recorded and available for replay?

Yes, they will. FXStreet Live Video will record all shows. Members will be able to re-watch interviews, live coverages… minutes after the event finished. That said, the quickness will also depend on Youtube and the speed of its platform. We will make special clips with the most important things that experts said in each session. I’d recommend you to be tuned so you won’t miss anything in this revolution!

Anything else exciting you’d like to share with the readers of our blog?

I believe that the move to streaming video and to make it happen together as a community is a natural step in the process of democratization of financial information. We want everybody to be informed and connected with others in the same situation; so they will become stronger in this wild wild market called Forex. 24/5 is needed, perhaps 24/7 and 365 days per year; for now, we are FXStreet Live Video and we want to be more social and go viral with this dream. Remember, we always define ourselves by the ability to overcome impossibles…

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