Book Presentation: Steve Ward’s High PerformanceTrading

Steve Ward, trading coach, will be on on Monday September 30th at 15 GMT to present his book “High Performance Trading“… and there will be a copy of the book to win!

At we are always in search for those books that provide the best value to the currency trader. In this is book review webinars series we introduce new and old books from our selection.

high trading performance webinarDuring this FREE webinar, we’ll present the book: “High Performance Trading” by Steve Ward. Steve has over twenty years of teaching, training and coaching experience having started out working in sports and performance psychology with elite athletes and teams in over 30 different sports and with high performers in the corporate sector. Since 2005 he has focused on working with traders, trading desks and fund managers.

Steve’s book provides proven practical techniques and strategies to help traders of all abilities, experience levels and styles to enhance their trading performance and psychology. Based on practical coaching and training interventions, personal experiences, the latest research and feedback, and advice from leading traders, trading coaches and trading psychologists, this book offers something for everyone who wants to become a better trader.

This webinar wil be comprised of an introduction by Gonçalo Moreira followed by a completion and some basic teaching, as well as a Q&A session with Steve Ward himself. He will be with us in the Webinars room so you can make him all the questions you have about the book and his findings.

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We’ll do a raffle among the attendees of this webinar… so make sure to attend it live!

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