Second round of Forex Meetup in London, New York and Barcelona

MeetupAfter a positive experience in September when organized its first Forex Meetup Groups meetings in London and New York, we’ve decided to schedule another meeting in these two cities plus Barcelona on the same day!

That will be on October 3rd. The program of the meetings are the same for all cities.

1. Attendees brief introduction (5 to 10 minutes)
2. Key Speech by an advanced member of the group or a guest speaker (30 minutes)
3. Q&A (20 minutes)
4. The group moves to a pub nearby to keep talking about FX, make friends and enjoy a round of beers

Here is the list of Key Speeches for this October edition:


Key speaker of the 2nd London Forex Group Meetup will be FXstreet’s content advisor and MTA Gonçalo Moreira

Speech Topic: Find your Sweet Spot with Hidden Divergences
Brief summary: Within the world of divergence analysis, there are hidden situations which are a much safer bet to trade than traditional, classical trend reversal divergences. In this session we will cover:

– The definition and purpose of hidden divergences
– How to measurement and capture hidden divergences by means of oscillators
– Setting of targets with hidden divergences

Gonçalo will also introduce our group members the new host of FXstreet’s meetups in London, Ms. Anna Coulling.

More information about London Meeting

New York

Key speaker of the 2nd New York Forex Group Meetup will be group’s host Jeffrey Baskin, CEO of and the Financial Commission.

Speech Topic: How To Trade the Forex Market
Description:  You have begun to study the Forex market, check out a few websites read up on the basics.  Now what?  Come and join the New York Forex Meetup group to learn how to transition into becoming a Forex trader.  You will learn a few trading strategies, ways to follow the market, and how to build good trading habits.  This session will be great for new traders as well as existing traders looking for new ways to analyze the market.

More information about New York Meeting


Key speaker of the 2nd London Forex Group Meetup will be Mike Fowler trader and investor since a decade, working for different institutional investors.

Speech Topic: Top 10 rules stay alive in the market
Brief Summary:
–  How to analyze the market
–  Top 10 rules really do guide me
–  Two different approaches of the market(fx vs equity)
–  How not to do stupid things in trading

More information about Barcelona Meeting

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