The Bull, The Bear, and The Baboon

The Bull, The Bear and The BaboonIn the book “The Bull, The Bear, and The Baboon“, Winsor Hoang looks inside the currency trading market through the eyes of seven people, each with different reasons for becoming a trader. Their individual stories and the ways in which they interact and influence each other provide the reader an eye opening portrayal of the trading world. Both entertaining and informational, this book reads like a suspense novel and, at the same time, offers practical advice to both the novice and experienced investors. It is a captivating narrative story in what is typically a nonfiction, educational genre.

This Friday November 29th at 15 GMT / 10 am EST, Winsor Hoang will be live on to talk about his last book! Part of our “Trader’s Bookshelf” series of webinars presented by our in-house analyst Gonçalo Moreira, this webinar will represent an opportunity to know more about this novel and be in touch with his author.

Here is a Winsor’s book trailer:

The webinar presentation is of course totally free of charge!

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