FXstreet.com provides FX products for other companies… Did you know it?

You might not know it but FXstreet.com is not only a website: we are also provider of white-label products for Forex companies.

B2B services

A bit of history…

Four years ago, the idea emerged of selling our Forex News Feed (July 2009) in English and Spanish to other websites and brokers. One of our first clients was Nasdaq. At that time, we were producing around 45 pieces of news per day (we’re now at 100 pieces per day). This was the first feed of news 100% focused on Forex only. Along the year, we’ve created news in other languages, up to 9 nowadays.

We quickly saw the need to hire a person to take care of this B2B side of our company and that’s when Colm Mullan joined the company.

At the same time, we made our Economic Calendar available to third parties. In July 2012, we released an upgraded version of the service. 42 companies currently have FXstreet.com Economic Calendar, which covers more than 1000 economic events covered in 42 countries or regions, in 18 languages.

In July 2010, the Learning Center modules were made available. FXstreet.com’s Learning Center program is an educational exclusive program that takes the students from the basics of Forex and lead him to the set-up of a personal and unique trading plan. Companies can adapt the content and modules of the LC to their clients needs.

Based on an initial request by an existing clients, we started to create customized Reports in April 2012. Some companies don’t have resources or time to produce their own analysis and FXstreet.com can offer the knowledge and experience of its team to create daily reports based on the clients needs: fundamental and/or technical reports for the three trading sessions. It can cover all currencies pairs as well as indices and commodities affecting the market such as Gold and Oil.

In September 2012, our news feed was made available on Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 platforms, a step that represented a very positive opportunity for us.

This summer, we also provided other trading tools to one of our clients (Pip Calculator, Margin Calculator, Profit Calculator and Rate History Tool).

Late comers in the B2B offering arrived this year: Market Hours (a tool that allows the trader to know which are the periods when two Forex trading sessions are overlapping, in his/her own time frame)  and the World Interest Rates Table.

We’re pretty sure more products will be added with time… we’re responding to our clients needs or ideas, to the markets trends and ideas our experienced team come with.

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