Why “FXBeat”?

Our live news and commentary feed, FXBeat, was launched one week ago. Why did we choose that name?

fxbeat rythm 2Rhythm

Markets have a rhythm, and rhythms follow a beat. Musicians use the beat as a guide for when they should take action and play their instruments. While markets are complex like orchestras, we see you as the master conductors, skillfully able to read the sheets of music, detect the underlying rhythm and direct the beat to our readers, helping them to know when to play the right notes on their (financial) instruments.

fxbeat heartHeart

Further, in the physical body, the beat of the heart is what keeps blood circulating around the body. Without the heart beat, the body would not receive the necessary supply of blood to keep it operating smoothly. It is true, not all beats are great, and irregular heart beats lead to problems. However, with your distinguished backgrounds as leading FX professionals, we are ensuring that our body of readers receive the right diagnosis each time, giving them security in their actions, and ensuring that they do not suffer irregular or heightened heart beats.

fxbeat streetStreet

In more broader terms from a marketing perspective: like bobbies (police) who walk their beat (route or path), we feel beat has a nice connotation (as well as rhyming) with FXstreet. ´The Beat on the Street´ as a marketing phrase could be interpreted as ´The path on FXstreet´, subtly informing readers that your analysis of financial markets is able to help them on the path to success, and to beat the market.

Further, the ´The Beat on the Street´ also alludes to keeping abreast of current affairs, and is used as a phrase in the same way as ´ear to the ground´, implying that users are staying updated with current events.


Avoid the Noise. Focus on the Beat.
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