First webinar on with Chris Lori, CTA… and Bobsleigh Champion!

Chris Lori is a CTA, CFTC registered and member NFA. He is also a Boblsed Champion… and he will present his first webinar on this Thursday, October 24th at 16 GMT / 12 am EDT: “Institutional Order Flow and Price Volatility“.

Chris LoriChris Lori trades through London and Singapore private banks and clearing firms where he manages funds of private clients, as well as his own. With thirteen years experience trading foreign exchange, Chris notes he has never worked for a large bank or institution, but maintains the highest level of experience in spot, carry, structured options and forwards for FX trading and positioning in the institutional environment. Chris has educational background in securities and began focused study on foreign exchange in 1998, started trading in 2000 and managing funds in 2003. Chris specializes in AUD/JPY and focuses on GBP, EUR and USD, otherwise.

In his first webinar on, Chris will be discussing the internal mechanics and function of institutional order flow and how it affects price volatility. The discussion and examples will help viewers identify consistent price behaviors, within the context of a range of market scenarios, that the trader can implement into their own discretionary trading.

The objective of the discussion is to help traders identify with a specific price behavior that can be integrated into price based models, or as a foundation to a new trading model. The information shared in this session is a core element to Chris’ intra-day trading model.

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Olympian Champion

Previous to Chris’ FX career, he competed in four Olympic Winter Games in the sport of bobsledding, won the Overall World Cup title, twenty two world cup medals and nine crystal globes for Overall World Cup final standings and was twice an Olympic Torch Bearer. Chris has been a model athlete in his native of Canada.


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