Welcome to the New FXStreet, a letter from our CEO

Dear FXStreet user,

Welcome to the New FXStreet.

Two years ago we started a long journey that led us to what we call today the 3.0 version of FXStreet. We have a very talented team of journalists, analysts, marketing professionals, designers and IT experts and a very demanding audience. We did a massive redesign to keep delivering the best service to our 6.5 million yearly visitors of our English site. We knew that we had to change, and we had to get everyone in the company involved, to establish objectives and analyze how our audience related to us. We changed many things along the way and we know that we still have a long road to go as FXStreet will continue improving and evolving.

Carol_CanvaWe wanted a site that is easier to navigate and that makes it more intuitive for the reader to follow the information from any device. We now have infinite scroll, which keeps the trader constantly up-to-date with the latest news and analysis. We also want to guide you in what are the main market movers, and help you find all the information we have about them: you can always find our editorial selection in the homepage and main pages of each section. We also introduce a new type of page, by topic, where all news and related information is organized so we can cover important and popular subjects in a same space. Another way to follow the market is through our pair by pair section, called Rates and Charts. In addition, we enhance our video content, images and graphs that go together with our analysis.

The reason for our redesign is not only the website. We also evolved over the last seven years into the products arena, where our tools are not only web-based or mobile-based, but can be integrated into Brokers platforms and websites. Our new widgets are designed for this purpose: they have been improved so brokers can integrate them faster to any device and provide their own clients with reliable information.

We are fully committed to continue providing objective market information, engaging our contributors to keep providing a wide range of analysis and enhancing traders experience when using our tools. This site is made for traders, who are our partners in what we do and we need your feedback to make sure we are on the right track, that we provide you the information and tools you need and you can find what you are looking for. You can send us an email to [email protected] with your opinion or fill out our quick survey.

We thank you for all the years at our side, we’ve been around since 2000 and hope to be here for many years to come!

See you in the #NewFXStreet,



Carolina May
CEO of FXStreet

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