Ross Burland voices his opinion on macroeconomics

Ross Burland-Macro ScanAt FXStreet we’re always looking for the best ways to offer information from the greatest traders and professionals.
Today we’re excited to present you “Macro Scan“, a daily opinion piece written by Ross Burland, Editor and Analyst at FXstreet, where he analyzes and gives his opinion on macroeconomic data and news. Headlines such as “Nonfarm Payrolls – “Fuhgeddabouit” !” or “Brexit Countdown: the “Has Britain Got Talent?” edition” can give you an idea of what Ross covers and how. His style is direct, casual and sometimes sarcastic, but he always bases his viewpoints on facts and numbers. You might completely disagree with him, but that’s what happens with opinions , isn’t it? This is the first opinion piece of this type that the FXStreet editors publish. So far all our reports had a more neutral and purely analytical approach.

With more than 13 years of experience on FX market, Ross Burland has worked in top tier banks, specialist corporate advisory firms and on London City trading floors. He was previously a regular market analyst on Bloomberg and CNBC TV. Burland is also the Co-founder of UK Charity Think Twice, which supports the most impoverished villages in the jungles of Guatemala, where he now lives.

If you feel curious about Ross’ column, go and have a look at his page on FXstreet. If you click on the Follow button on that page, you will automatically receive all his articles by email. You can also check his Twitter account.

We hope you enjoy his catchy and direct style that will definitely surprise you. Opinions that you will relate to, that you will reject or  that you will want to share around.

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