Webinar: Combining price action and lagging indicators for successful Forex trading

FXstreet.com will organize its first webinar with Greg Firman on FXstreet.com on Monday October 7th at 14 GMT / 10 am EDT.

Greg FirmanGreg Firman has worked in the futures and Forex markets for the last 10 years providing direct consulting to both individual traders and hedge fund managers worldwide. Greg is also series 3 and series 34 retail Forex licensed and registered with the NFA as a commodity trade advisor and introducing broker. He has also worked as a currency annalist for Traderplanet.com since 2008 providing weekly updates on the major markets to a large audience of followers.

His webinar is titled about combining price action and lagging indicators for successful Forex trading, Greg Firman will cover the following topics:

1. Inter market analysis and how it relates to the Forex market
2. How to manage account and trade size to ensure a long trading life in the Forex market
3. Proper trend lines and how to draw them along with the best time frames to use them in for both breakouts and range trading
4. What moving averages are and how to use them both for trading signals and pivot points
5. Using an RSI and other indicators to trade momentum instead of using them solely for overbought or oversold
6. Simple easy strategy’s to use in Forex that do not require complex mathematical formulas or indicators for success
7. Identifying trending markets and reversal points using very specific candle formations

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