FXBeat: Beat the Market with FXstreet

The market beats you? Don’t beat a retreat. We’ve beaten our brains out for you! Jamie Coleman and Gerry Davies will beat the market bushes for all traders and extract the real forex beat.

FXstreet.com beats the drum for its brand new service: FXBeat!


We are extremely excited and proud to announce the launch of FXBeat, a news and commentary feed conducted by Jamie Coleman and Gerry Davies, the founders of Forex Live and FXBriefs.

Jamie Coleman and Gerry Davies and their team have been market participants and professional market observers for decades. As former traders at some of the world’s largest banks, and analysts at some of the market’s most respected firms, they combine experience and judgement to help traders navigate the global FX markets.

News and Opinion

The authors of the feed are known for their ability to distill vast amounts of market data into easy to follow commentary in real time, their entertaining writing style, and their ability to attract large audiences of both retail and institutional traders. Their recognizable and inimitable style will be kept intact on FXstreet.com, getting into the news before the rest of the media, and helping traders define the themes that will evolve into market trends. Around 80 pieces of news will be published every day, with a minimum of 50 pieces when activity in the market is low.

The FXBeat feed informs and comments on events first, in a fast and fun way. It differentiates from a newswire as their producers are not objectively describing the market but giving their esteemed perspective into what is important and what is not. In doing so, they often make fun of the markets illustrating a point with a whimsical graphic or a YouTube video. They pioneered the format, dating back to 2007, and now they join FXstreet in order to combine both team’s strengths.

We’re extremely excited to be back doing what we do best: Helping you make sense of often-chaotic FX markets. We look forward to having you along for the ride.” – Jamie Coleman in his first FXBeat post.

twitter You can follow FXBeat on Twitter: @Forex_Beat

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You will find the FXBeat news in the “Latest Forex News” page but also on the FXBeat page, accessible from the menu of the News section.


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  1. Great news! I’m sure this will be a successful match. Glad to see Jamie and Gerry back online, and in a great home.

  2. Sometimes a password has been asked for on FXBeat. I then filled in my password and username /emailaddress on FX street but that has been rejected by FXBeat. Which is the procedure to registrate on FXBeat ?
    Thanks in advance for an answer.

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