The vote over Brexit is almost here – FXStreet’s coverage

On Thursday an important referendum will take place in the UK to decide if Britain will leave or remain in the European Union. The so-called “Brexit” – a word that combines Britain and exit – is the possible outcome of a referendum where UK citizens will decide what they want to do with their country.

In words of Prime Minister David Cameron: “It is time for the British people to have their say. It is time to settle this European question in British politics.”

Some citizens think that Britain is being held back by the EU, which they say enforces hard rules on business and charges billions of pounds fees. David Cameron defends the idea of staying in the EU. Big business companies stand as well stand up to stay in the European Union because it’s easier to move money and products beyond British borders.

As a Forex trader, you might wonder: what effect does the referendum have (and will have) on the Pound, the Euro and other currencies?


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According to the latest polls, Brexit would win over Brimain. But we know polls are not to be trusted 100% in these cases. We’ll see what happens on Thursday. And FXStreet will do a permanent coverage of the event and its consequences on currencies, before, during and after the vote. Stay informed with us!


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