Valeria Bednarik, our Chief Analyst, opens up

Valeria Bednarik with her family
Valeria with her family

This is the first of a set of articles whose aim is to give you a closer view of our team of Analysts. The posts, written first-hand by their own protagonists, will allow you to learn more about how they became Forex experts, their day-to-day from different spots around the world, and specially about themselves. The protagonist of the first post is Valeria Bednarik, our Chief Analyst. We hope you like them! 

“I have always had it easy when it comes to numbers and maths, so when I had to choose a career in my early years, I decided to become a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). I got my degree with honors when I was quite young, and worked many years with cost analysis and taxes, which in my country (Argentina) are complex enough to require some strong specialization. But despite comfortable, I was not satisfied: I needed more mental challenges before I was 30. It was then when financial investments, through a forex scam came to my life.

After a couple scams suffered, I decided that the only way to do it right was to do it myself, and there a new journey started in my life. It was a tough challenge and took many of me to pass through it; in the middle of the battle and when I was going through a dark moment of my personal life, Francesc Riverola offered me to join FXStreet team: slowly, I became to gain more responsibilities among the company, and these days I consider it my second home, that much is how I love my job with them, despite being 15.000 km away.

Forex’s market fierce taught me to be humble; over the years, my knowledge expanded beyond I ever imagine it was possible and I’m absolutely grateful with the life, the friends, and the experience this window to the world brought to my life. But I still think market is not for everyone as the internet bombarding promises; I still think it is hard to reach the goal of succeeding in investments, and my main concern is always the huge amount of home investors that put too much hope with little experience behind their hard earned money. I don’t regret anything at this time of my life, but I would surely like to be more involved in education; the problem is that a day continues to have just 24 hours.

I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and usually wake up at 4:30 am local time, which coincides with London opening, and I still open my charts first thing in the morning. Then I check news and calendar, to see what happened and where is the market focus of the day. Once my coffee reaches my brain, I go back to charts and begin to draw my trading day, the daily favorites by strength of weakness, dismissing those with a neutral stance and do my first round of reports. By European close, I take a long 2 hours break of the market: run to school to pick up my girls, have lunch with them, and enjoy some family time. I came back by the ends of US session, more as a check of what’s going on and if I’m updated with prices and news, than anything else.

Being a restless mind I’m always doing/planning something to do with my family: I love to spend the weekend outdoors, doing gardening, riding bikes, something that requires a physical effort to compensate the screen hours during the week. I’m extremely shy and jealous of my personal life, but hubby and I always have someone to invite dinner over the weekend. I’m a terrific cook! The best part of working from home is that I’m here for my kiddos when they need me. And the best part of working with Catalans at FXStreet, is to be surrounded by trustable people.”

13 thoughts on “Valeria Bednarik, our Chief Analyst, opens up”

  1. I am a fan of you a long time, always looking for your advises and ideas of EUR/USD, I am the same way as you, I have 3 kids and work as a Forex trader I can be able easily for them.

  2. Hi Cristiane and tks!. Indeed, I consider be around PRICELESS.. although my youngest one, which is a devil in disguise, was no more than 3 when she sat on a computer, and made me shush because she was “working” 😉
    Wish you well!

  3. Hi there Valeria. I’m a father of four and have been following your analysis of the EUR/USD for a couple of years now. You’re spot on. I enjoy your analysis and hope one day I’ll as good as you are. Keep on doing the good job. I’ve told a couple of my friends here in Durban, South Africa, about your analysis. FXStreet is also great!

  4. Valeria! You are the best! My favorite. I don\’t make a move without you at obscure situations! Thank You! God bless You!!!

  5. Let me be truthful! Your analysis are like any other analyst. It is so wide a range that even a fx kid can tell that. As an analyst you have to be bang on! – Right now eur/usd is at 1.2500. It will go up / down both ways. It is a general prediction. Where do you see this pair tomorrow is what one expects! I hope you don’t mind the blunt language – but you are just average. To improve upon you must be spot right.

  6. Hi HKNanda!Of course you can be truthfull and I really appreciate all kind of feedback. Actually, I do try to keep short ranges, with targets no more than 50 pips away from current levels, and I do determinate the direction, when I see it in my reports: if you check for example, the Asian opening report suggested an EUR/USD breakdown towards 1.2370 with immediate support at 1.2440.

    Still, sometimes putting in words what I have in mind may not end up being as clear as I believed. I will do my best from now on to improve that.

    Tks again!

  7. Hi, Valeria, Please continue your Excellent Work, I am always your
    fan for your brilliant analysis. I know how hard you have work! Easier for others to judge you. God bless.

  8. Nice to read about you Ms. I often read your analysis and finds it more helpful in daily trading. My best wishes for you and your cute family,

  9. Hi Valeria,
    First of all nice to see you with family,moreover you are indeed my roll model in FX market and hope you continue the same.

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