Sam Evans live talking about ‘Market Timing in Forex for Short-term Income and Long-term Wealth’

On October 30th Sam Evans will be live on our Monthly Webinars talking about Market Timing in Forex for Short-term Income and Long-term Wealth. The webinar will be divided in two parts, the former (14:00 GMT), in an open and free format whilst the latter , will be premium (15.30 GMT). Thus, the first part of the live webinar will be dedicated to seeing the FX Markets through the eyes of an institution. Audience will learn the power of Unfilled orders and their impact on the Supply and Demand dynamics of the FX markets. The goal is to start to think and act like an Institution to maximise your gains and cut your losses short.

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The Premium part will be focused on how to find true Supply and Demand levels using Core Strategy. In this session, Sam will show how find FX market turning points in advance, using the OTA patented Core Strategy, all whilst keeping risk low and the potential rewards high.


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About Sam Evans

In seven years, Sam Evans progressed from an Online Trading Academy student, to full-time trader, to Fund Manager to Lead Instructor Forex XLT. More recently, he has taken on the role of UK Education Director and is one of a handful of Instructors teaching the All Asset Mastery XLT to our elite group of Mastermind Graduates. On-location, Sam is certified to teach equities, Forex, futures and commodities. In 2013, Sam’s Lessons from the Pros articles were instrumental in Online Trading Academy being awarded the Forex Best award from FXStreet for Best Education Content.

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