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UKOn May 7 2015, the UK general election will be held  to elect the 56th Parliament of the United Kingdom. Elections are political conditions that can impact the level of confidence in a nation’s government and affect the climate of stability. Hence, the country’s currencies. FXStreet’s Team has prepared special content about these elections and its impact on the Forex Markets.


Special articles

UK Election Hub: Uncertainty weighs on the Pound Sterling

by Jordi Martínez

UK Election seems to be as uncertain as ever. Forecasts and polls show it could deliver the most unpredictable outcome in 40 years. A hung parliament, not seen since 1974, with no effective majority or coalition appears to be a realistic possibility.

Ahead of the voting we take a look at our contributors’ thoughts on the event and the effects it may have on the markets.

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‘CHF the most likely currency to benefit from a UK Election Pound sell-off’ – Joseph Trevisani

During his 25-year career’s in the financial markets, Joseph Trevisani has been observing and closely following worlwide economy and politics. And how they impact and relate to the currencies. We’ve talked with him about tomorrow’s election in the UK.

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We’ve invited two of our best regarded contributors to cover this event live in our Webinars room on Thursday. One is Steve Ruffley who will cover live the FTSE and GBP from London. The other is Joseph Trevisani: his broad knowledge of macro-economics and politics will give a sense of history to what’s happening in the island. Both webinars are complementary and must-attend (and free, of course!)

UK elections: GBP, FTSE

with Steve Ruffley
Thu, May 07 at 11:00 GMT / 12pm London time / 07:00 am NY

A live look and commentary about the FTSE and GBP and what this means for you as a trader. Join Steve for live analysis.

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The British Election and the European Project

with Joseph Trevisani
Thu, May 07 at 14:00 GMT / 3 pm London time / 10 am NY

The British electorate on Thursday faces the likely and unusual result of a hung Parliament, that is, without a clear majority for either main party, Conservatives or Labor. Coalition governments are common on the continent but rare in England. Except for the current arrangement between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, the only two prior coalition governments in the last 150 years were during the two world wars of the 20th century.

Economic crisis have a way of dispensing with old political arrangement and fomenting new. We may be at the beginning of Europe’s emergence from the sureties of the post war world. Join us on Thursday for a sense of history as it happens.

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