First edition of the “Live Trading Day” in Barcelona

Live Trading DayFXStreet co-organizes with BcnTradingPoint a one-day Forex event in Barcelona for the Stocks and Forex trader, in Spanish. It’s the Live Trading Day and it’s on June 4th.

Speakers are renowned Spanish traders and analysts: Yuri Rabassa (Forex Duet), Ferran Font (Independent Trader), Gonçalo Moreira, CMT (FXStreet), Marc Ribes and Gisela Turazzini (BlackBird Wealth Management). Canadian trader Chris Lori, CTA will also be there, presenting a 2-hour workshop in English.

The event – that will welcome 200 attendees – is sponsored by FxPro.

Francesc Riverola, Founder and President of FXStreet, explains how the event was born: “The project originates from the success of the FXStreet Sessions in Barcelona, meetings of traders that have been taking place every month in our office for more than two years. The goal of these meetings  is to gather a community of traders and offer them a place and moment to share knowledge and insights. The people of BcnTradingPoint were regular members of these sessions and together we have designed an event that is a mix of their 2014 event and our monthly meetings: the best experts and a very personal format where they can enjoy their passions (trading and teaching) offering live trading to other traders.”

Antoni Quiles, Founder and CEO of BcnTradingPoint said: “We wanted to create an event that would keep the spirit of the BcnTradingPoint expo but with a smaller format, in order to offer more opportunity and more answers with a one-day event made of live trading. And what a best parnter for this than FXStreet!”

With a strong experience in event organization (5 editions of the International Traders Conference in Barcelona, dozens of FXStreet sessions around the world and 10 years of webinars), FXStreet once again positions itself as an educator partner for the Forex trader. This time in Spanish, but once again in Barcelona!

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