Top 10 2016: Educational Articles and Economic Events

We continue with our Top 10 of 2016. Today we want to share with you our most read Educational Articles and our most checked events in our Economic Calendar. Have a look!



  1. Best Stop Loss & Profit Target Methods  by James Harte. James, from Little Fish FX, takes a look at some of the best stop loss methods and profit targets.
  2. How to define a trend, enter trades, leverage and the best times to trade  by Colibri Trader.  In this article, Colibri Trader provides a step-by-step guide about how to build a trading strategy.
  3. You Trader, Stop Trading At The Worst Time Possible! – A Common Forex Trading Error by Marco Mayer.  The expert talks about one of the most common mistakes that traders do: stop following their strategy just at the worst time possible.
  4. Identify support and resistance on a chart by FXStreet.  This report, taken from our old Learning Center, explains the basics and must-know facts about support and resistance lines.
  5. Where Do Banks Buy and Sell in The Forex Market?  by Sam Seiden.  In this article, Seiden helps us to change our mindset to think like a bank which leads us to act like a bank.
  6. Trading For A Living: Can It Really Be Done? by Rob Colville. Rob provides us some advice on how to trade for a living and leave behind the old 9 to 5.
  7. Ichimoku: Strategies, Setups and What to Watch for  by Chris Capre. In this video, the expert explains to us how to master trading the yen and how to trade the Asian pairs as a whole.
  8. 4 Signs that Say You’re Ready for Full-Time Forex Trading by Babypips. In this report, we’ll find out four of the most significant signs that show if we are ready for full-time trading.
  9. Predicting Market Turns by Rob Booker.  Rob reveals his seven favorite ways to predict a market turn.
  10. Why do traders overlook this simple but powerful analysis technique? by Dave Floyd. The Forex expert helps to us to trade easier and how to focus 100% on a simple analysis technique.


US Nonfarm Payrolls retained the top one of most viewed reports for another year, despite the employment sector in the US had its best year since the 2008 crisis, and that the monthly announcement had affected the market to a lesser degree.

Tepid inflation, with most economies closer to deflation that to their actual targets, has maintained Central Banks against the ropes for most of the year, but as usual, they pulled something out of their sleeves here and there that triggered most of the largest directional moves. Political woes added to poor inflation and slow economic growth, which means that their leadership among top market-mover events won’t be discussed in 2017.

The surprise came by the hand of oil. Worldwide glut has depressed prices to record lows of $25 a barrel, from over $100 a couple of years ago. Many central bankers have blamed oil, among other reasons, for low inflation, putting US weekly stockpiles´ reports among the most viewed.

  1. US NFP
  2.  Fed Interest Rate Decision – United States 
  3. API Weekly Crude Oil Stock – United States
  4.  BoJ Interest Rate Decision – Japan
  5.  BoE Interest Rate Decision – United Kingdom
  6. EIA Crude Oil Stocks change – United States
  7. ECB President Draghi’s Speech – European Monetary Union
  8. BOE’s Governor Carney speech – United Kingdom
  9. ECB Interest Rate Decision – European Monetary Union
  10. Fed’s Yellen Speech – United States

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