Top 10 2016: Analysis Articles and Webinars

As one of our FXStreet traditions, we are back with the Top 10 content!
The Top 10 includes the most read and viewed content by our online users the year that it’s about to end.


There are seven categories by type of content: Analysis Articles, Webinars, Economic Calendar Events, Educational Articles, Trading Books, News and Live Video Shows. The ranking is based on total page views.

Today, we unveil the Top 10 Analysis articles and Webinars.


  1. EUR/USD: downward risk increases by Valeria Bednarik. The year started with EURUSD at 1.0857 and downward risk, with huge attention from the markets. There were four rate hikes expected in 2016 and we are still waiting for the first one.
  2. GBP/USD Forecast: How low can it go on Brexit? by Omkar Godbole. It was still February but we were already warning about the risks of the GBPUSD going down with Brexit.
  3. EUR/USD: you almost did it, Mario by Valeria Bednarik. In March, Draghi surprisingly cut rates to 0% and extended QE. EURUSD surged to 1.12 and Valeria was there to report it.
  4. GBP/USD analysis: total collapse didn’t take too long by Valeria Bednarik. Flash crash! A ‘trading error’ ended up with GBPUSD collapsing in October.
  5. There’s potential for a British Pound collapse in 2016′ – Martin Armstrong by FXStreet Team. The biggest mover of the year? GBP hands down. Martin Armstrong got it right from the start.
  6. Nonfarm Payrolls: focus this time will be on wages by Valeria Bednarik. NFP always brings action to markets, especially when the Fed is waiting for good data to show up to hike rates.
  7. Nonfarm Payrolls: Expect another round of dollar sell-off by Valeria Bednarik. NFP once again; winter months were not good for the US jobs market and the Fed had to wait.
  8. EUR/USD Forecast: win-win scenario for intraday traders by Valeria Bednarik. The end of summer was the ‘wait-and-see’ period of the year, at least for EURUSD. That didn’t bother intraday traders, though.
  9. USDCHF: Final Wave Five Can Be In Progress by Gregor Horvat. Elliott Wave long-term patterns are always interesting, especially when you get to the final wave. This was the case in this report by Gregor Horvat about the USDCHF pair.
  10. EURUSD Forecast H2 2016: Europe won’t be the same after Brexit by Valeria Bednarik. Brexit left a lot of uncertainty, especially felt during the summer months. EURUSD on the H2 has been more correlated to USD flows.


  1. Ichimoku: Strategies, Setups and What to Watch for by Chris Capre. This indicator is not only easy to learn, but highly accurate in giving JPY trading signals. When you learn how to use it correctly, you can build a very high accuracy and profit ratio trading the JPY pairs which can be some of the most volatile.
  2. Finding High Quality Turning Points by Brandon Wendell. Wendell discusses how he identifies entry and exit points on multiple timeframes when trading the forex markets.
  3. A Powerful Technique For Capturing Trending Markets by Steven Primo. Have you ever wished to capture those long trending moves in Forex markets? Mr. Primo shows you how to really know when a valid and strong move is underway with the aid of a very common indicator.
  4. How To Identify Fresh Supply and Demand Levels in The Forex Market by Sam Seiden. The speaker goes through the process of identifying the most likely turning points and market moves in Forex markets.
  5. Supply and Demand Strategy Application by Sam Seiden. Sam applies the supply/demand strategy information.
  6. Panel: US Election + Forex market with Martin Armstrong & Adam Button by Ross J. Burland. FXStreet presents the US Election panel discussion in alliance with ForexLive and Armstrong Economics.
  7. Using the Fibonacci Fans to determine the nature of a pullback by FXStreet. Fibonacci ratios are a very popular tool among technical traders. They are based on a particular series of numbers identified by the mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci during the thirteenth century.
  8. How to Increase Your Win Rate With One Weird Trick by Walter Peters by Walter Peters. Most traders are not aware of the fact that by slightly adjusting your trading strategy it is possible to avoid many losing trades.
  9. Supply/Demand Basics by Sam Seiden.  Sam covers core market timing strategy rules that offer you low risk, high reward and high probability trading opportunities.
  10. Martin Armstrong @armstrongeconomics: Political and Geo Chaos by Dale J Pinkert. In an interview with Dale Pinkert, Martin Armstrong reaffirmed his point of view about political instability affecting nation state’s status quo.

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