Top 10 2013: Economic Events and Educational Articles

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We continue to unveil what where the most seen content on our website in 2013… today: the most checked Economic events in our calendar and the most read Educational articles. More categories to be released this week!



2013 has been a Central Banks year according to our most viewed calendar pages, taking over 60% of the total. Indeed, the timid growth seen during the year among major economies, with rate cuts, forward guidance and QE tapering included, gathered investor’s attention as the main market movers. US employment figures is as usual also listed in the top 10, but mostly because of its relationship with US FED’s decisions, which only increases the initial percent. Quite interesting, GDP readings are not among the most viewed data this year, albeit the focus on 2014 may change towards it.

  1. US NFP – USA
  2. ECB President Draghi’s Speech – European Monetary Union
  3. Fed’s Bernanke Speech – USA
  4. BoJ Interest Rate Decision – Japan
  5. Fed Interest Rate Decision – USA
  6. FOMC Minutes – USA
  7. ECB Interest Rate Decision – European Monetary Union
  8. Initial Jobless Claims – USA
  9. RBA Interest Rate Decision – Australia
  10. ECB Monthly Report – European Monetary Union


  1. Lesson from  the Pros by Online Trading Academy – Lessons From the Pros is Online Trading Academy’s e-Newsletter that contains trading lessons and real-world examples of simple, rule-based strategies in action.
  2. Lessons from the Pros – Forex by Online Trading Academy – These reports focused on Forex are part of Lessons from the Pros’ newsletter and provide a complete look across multiple Forex trading issues.
  3. The Traders Podcast by Rob Booker – A daily podcast released by Rob Booker where he shares his charismatic and personal style of trading for a living.
  4. Forex Trading Strategy by BK Asset Management  – Weekly column by Boris Schlossberg where he shared his views and reflexions about the Forex Market and different strategies he is using. (* This column is not updated anymore in 2014)
  5. The art of day trading the EUR/USD  by FX Trader Magazine – This article, written by Patric Tengelin in the FX Trader Magazine, helps us understand how to trade the EURUSD pair on the 30-minute chart and explains the key numbers for the EUR/ USD and how they constantly show up as support and resistance.
  6. Identifying Tomorrow’s Trend…Today! by Compass FX – Serie of 3 videos released by Compass FX where Dean Malone explains how to anticipate market tendencies.
  7. Using RSI as an intraday tool by FX Trader Magazine – In this article, written by Alan Collins and taken from FX Trader Magazine, we’e introduced to the use of The Relative Strength Indicator, created by Welles Wilder, a tool used by many market participants in their analysis.
  8. Fundamental and technical trading combined  by FX Trader Magazine – This article written by Andreas Witt was originally published in the Traders’ Magazine. Andreas introduces a manual trading strategy based on current economic data that you can apply daily. The approach is mainly based on the volatility of the underlying.
  9. Minimizing loss: Run-length trade statistics by Futures Magazine – This article by Michael Gutmann we are embarked on a critical journey to understand the basic statistics of trading  to better navigate and anticipate the ups and downs of the trading endeavor.
  10. The How of Trading by Traders’ Magazine – Article written by Bruce Bower where he talks about the utility of trading psychology and how to avoid getting more confused by its rules.

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