“The Secret Behind Divergence” with Navin Prithyani

LAR_Jamie ColemanWe’ve brought in Analyst Navin Prithyani again for an exclusive 2-hour webinar! This is a two part series on the same day, Friday October 18th.

In “The Secret Behind Divergence“, you will learn as Navin shows you tips and tricks that are involved in not only identifying divergence but also staying hand in hand with banks and large financial firms.

Navin Prithyani has been featured on various publications online and offline and is known to simplify complex forex trading for everyone to understand. Be sure to register to these special webinars:

Part 1 – 12 GMT / 08 am EDT – FREE


Part II – 13.30 GMT / 09.30 am EDT – PREMIUM

After taking the basics and knowledge acquired from Part 1, the analyst goes on to explain how he stalks the ideal moments for trading divergences for a the big home run moves. The knowledge shared in this part goes way beyond just divergences. Divergences are one of many stop hunting methods and Navin will cover them in this part of the monthly webinar.

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Who is Navin Prithyani?

Navin began trading Forex during his freshman year in college – mixing what he learned on his own along with lectures in class. After obtaining a Bachelors in International Business, Navin went on to work for BB&T Bank in Washington DC as a Techincal Analyst in 2008. You can watch Navin’s previous webinars on his author’s page on FXstreet.com.

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    1. Hi Afzal,
      I’ve checked with Navin and he told me that, yes, he will go over macd divergence as well along with other major ones. Stochastic is the one he puts my focus on. Don’t worry we’ll cover it nicely in the webinar. See you in a bit!

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