FXBeat’s Jamie Coleman, guest of the Live Analysis Room

LAR_Jamie Coleman

Dale Pinkert, the host and anchor of the Live Analysis Room at FXstreet.com will have a very special guest today!

Jamie Coleman, one of the editors behind FXBeat, the news and commentary feed that was launched yesterday on FXstreet.com, will be answering Dale’s questions at 15h10 GMT (11h10 am EDT).¬†They will talk about the launch of FXBeat of course, but also Jamie’s career, trading styles and as always, Dale will ask his guest to make comments about the current markets (and, since Jamie is American too, we imagine the US shutdown will be at least mentioned!).

Jamie has spent 28 years as a financial markets participant and observer. He combines strong analytical skills with an entertaining writing style. He spent 13 years trading for large financial institutions and has spent the last 15 year as a market analyst and commentator, an area where he has really set himself apart from the pack. For the last almost six years, Jamie has focused on flattening the learning curve for retail FX traders. Prior to that, Jamie’s analysis was focused at an institutional audience of experienced pros during his time at Thomson Reuters. He founded and built ForexLive in 2008 before launching a new venture, FxBriefs, earlier on 2013.

With almost 40 years of experience, Dale got his start in the trading business as a runner on the floor of the CME in 1975. Dale has been presenting his outlooks and teaching his methods on FXstreet for 4 years and has mentored both retail and prop traders. His trading motto is “If you don’t learn how to change your mind you won’t have any change left” from W.D. Gann.

He is hosting the Live Analysis Room (#FXroom) since June 2013, every weekday from 13 GMT / 9 am EDT, where he comments the forex markets live, interview members of the community as well as renowned analysts. And last but not least, all for free.

Don’t miss Jamie’s interview today at 15h10 GMT… you just have to log in here!

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