Richard Olsen and Yohay Elam to speak at FXStreet

In the coming days, we will welcome two important and close collaborators of FXStreet… one, Richard Olsen, in the virtual world (Live Video on Youtube) and the other, Yohay Elam, in the real world (speech in Barcelona).

Richard Olsen – Thursday October 1st – Live Analysis Room

In our Live Analysis Room, Dale Pinkert will interview Richard Olsen, an economic researcher in high frequency finance known as the co-founder and former Chairman of OANDA. He will discuss the blockchain technolog (the distributive ledger technology that underpins Bitcoins), a word that has been in everyone’s mouth in the financial services firms these last months. Does it have the potential to disrupt the industry and affect how Forex traders operate? We’ll hear Richard’s thoughts. We will also talk about his general vision of the future and his new company Lykke whose ambitious project is to create a global FX marketplace, where “traders will be able to trade at ultra-low cost and will not be captive to any one broker. They will be able to transfer their assets at any time”, as he explained to Leaprate in a recent interview. Continue reading Richard Olsen and Yohay Elam to speak at FXStreet

FXStreet Sessions: New London Group on Facebook

London CityWe’ve been hosting informal monthly meetings of traders for more than 2 years, in several cities around the world. We started through the famous “Meetup” communities, but the concept has evolved and changed, and the events have been renamed “FXStreet Sessions“. In order to provide a place for the members of these sessions to keep in touch, we’ve opened anĀ FXStreet Sessions London group on Facebook. Continue reading FXStreet Sessions: New London Group on Facebook