Meet the Live Video Speakers: Dale Pinkert

player-liveforexvideo_header_150Dale’s ID Card
* From: Chicago, Illinois
* Lives in: San Diego, California
* Age: 69
* Years in the markets: 39
* Favorite currency: DXY for broad view of dollar biases

Dale Pinkert has been the host of the Live Analysis Room for 2 years and a half now – more than 540 editions already! The format of his daily show has changed througout the months, but his particular and utterly friendly style hasn’t. His personality, together with his very long experience in the markets (he sometimes refers to himself as a “dinosaur”), are the ingredients that have built a strong community of traders, who share and exchange views every day. And of course, another basic component of his successful program are the live interviews that he conducts every single day with traders, economists and analysts of varied backgrounds. That’s every weekday at 13:00 – 15:00 GMT (9:00 – 11:00 EST).

We wanted to know more about him, so you also would know him better. Here are his answers.

Let’s start from beginning… How did your career in trading start?

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