All Timeframe Trading: 2-hour webinar with Steve Ruffley

Steve RuffleySteve Ruffley, Chief Market Strategist at, will present’s Monthly Webinar in August, on Monday August 12th: “All Timeframe Trading”

“The question I get asked most often is, ‘what time frames do you use’? My reply is generally ‘all of them’. We need to use different time frames in our charting for different purposes”, explains Steve.

The webinar is made of two parts, one hour each: the first part is open to all users for free and the second part is for Premium users only.

Part 1 – Free – 14 GMT / 10 am EDT

In this webinar Steve will show you how to look at data and charts in the most efficient way. He will take you through techniques to show you what has already happened in the markets, higher time frames and then how to use this for intraday trades. The biggest mistake traders make is re-inventing trading. It is not about what only you know, it is about knowing what everyone else knows and trading with them when they are right and against them when they are wrong.

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Part 2 – Premium – 15:30 GMT / 11:30 am EDT

All time frame trading is a principle that is used every day in charting. From hedge funds to private investors everybody looks at charts, everybody looks at levels. By utilising what has happened in the past we can predict with a percentage edge what can happen in the future. Using Steve Ruffley’s ATF principles you can apply this to any market and find logical points of support and resistance to use for your entry in trades or indeed your exit of trades. Any charting technique that gives you an edge is worth exploring and with the data you need already there in the monthly, weekly and daily charts, why are you not utilising this?

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Who is Steve Ruffley?

Steve Ruffley has his own account on some of the biggest trading floors in Europe over the last decade. From investing for HNWIs at PriceWaterhouseCoopers to mentoring and risk managing the top city traders at Refco, there is not much he hasn’t done. His educational approach is unique, drawing on a wealth of direct trading experience. Steve has run the trader education programme at for several years, developing structured webinar courses to help traders identify and maintain their trading edge. He takes a complete view of trading beneficial for new and experienced traders alike. The ‘Trading For Life’ course developed by Steve is one of the most highly regarded on the web. Exclusive to clients of, this five-module course covers all the key areas from planning and analysis to entering and exiting your trade.


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