Steve Ruffley live on FXStreet talking about ultimate trading strategies and style coaching

On July, 24th Steve Ruffley, will be live on our special Monthly Webinar divided in two parts. It will be a live webinar and it will be divided in two parts, the former free of charge, entitled ‘Steve Ruffley’s ultimate trading strategies’ (14:00 GMT) and the latter Premium, ‘1-1 style coaching’ (16:00 GMT). The first part of this webinar will be focused on Ruffley’s experience after being trading over a decade and managing one of the biggest trading floors in Europe. As Ruffley says there are a only a few key strategies that really work, and this will be outlined in this first part of the webinar. At the same time, Steve will be giving away seven free iView ‘Lite’ software packages for people who attend the open webinar, and three to those who attend to the Premium one. Each licence costs $199.

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In the second part of the webinar (Premium), participants will be able to give Steve some of their favourite products and he will analyse them in real time. This style of interaction would normally cost $300 per hour, so Premium audience will be getting more incredible value.

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About Steve Ruffley

Steve Ruffley, Chief Market Strategist, has traded his own account on some of the biggest trading floors in Europe over the last decade. From investing for HNWIs at PriceWaterhouseCoopers to mentoring and risk managing the top city traders at Refco, there is not much he hasn’t done. His educational approach is unique, drawing on a wealth of direct trading experience. Steve has run the trader education programme at for several years, developing structured webinar courses to help traders identify and maintain their trading edge. He takes a complete view of trading beneficial for new and experienced traders alike. The ‘Trading For Life’ course developed by Steve is one of the most highly regarded on the web. Exclusive to clients of, this five-module course covers all the key areas from planning and analysis to entering and exiting your trade. Steve also runs live trading sessions (including NFP) and a number of interactive trading clinics where he identifies opportunities and trades in real-time with his own money.

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