Our Search field is back… and improved!

You were probably missing it: our Search field is back… and better than ever!

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Compared with the Search that FXStreet had before the 3.0 website redesign, our improved Search offers you multiple possibilities to take advantage of. It’s more powerful than before.

search fxstreet 1When you are typing, results matching your query are appearing in real-time, so you can go faster and click on the content before you finish typing. We also have added a label on these results so you know which type of content we can offer (analysis, news, education, upcoming show, video, etc)

If you go to Advanced search, you can filter the results of the search by category (type of content), tags (topic) and author. 

Let’s take an example. Do you want to find content by Sam Seiden? Just write his name at the top of the page, in the white and orange tab, near the magnifying glass icon, and our upgraded Search field will show you all the content we have for him on FXStreet. In the filter column at the left, you will see the categories of content we have, in this case, that is Education, Premium Videos or Analysis. You will also see the topics that he covers, under the “Tags” section (Support and Resistance, Strategy, Technical Analysis) so you can go to the content that most interests you. 



If you have a minute, we would love to hear your opinion! Send your feedback about our Search tool here.

What are you waiting for to try it?

Quickly find what you are looking for on FXStreet! 


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