Rates and Charts subhome revamped

It was about time for us to renovate the subhome of our most visited section of the website: Rates and Charts.

The new page pretends to be much clearer and, above all, more guiding than before. The new Rates and Charts homepage is divided in two central areas.

1. Market quotes for the major pairs and for other asset classes: bonds, equities and commodities. See at a glance which markets are trending up or down and start relating those movements. Which pairs move up when commodities are trending upwards, or what happens to equities when bonds are down?

rates currencies and related markets

2. A selected list of features you can find in our charting packages like: constructing a performance chart, compare feeds from different brokers, saving your workspaces, share your charts on social media and many more. With so many rates and charts available on FXstreet.com, one might wonders what make them different. Well, in fact, from the outside, they might look equal… but if you study them well, you’ll see that each one has its own features that make them unique! We made this analysis and share it with you so you can make the most of our rates and charts!

charts features

Oh! By the way, have a look at our Technical page! We have changed the widgets on the “Overview” tab: you will now see there the Rates Comparative, Pivot Points, Multipair performance, Volatility Table, Currency Strength Chart and Technical overview studies. Don’t forget that you can customize these and many others widgets from “My Studies“!

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