New speakers for our webinars: Zaheer Anwari and Jack Inman

Next Monday, we will welcome two new speakers at our Webinars section! Take your agenda and make sure not to miss them!

Zaheer Anwari

Zaheer AnwariZaheer Anwari will talk about “The Power of Trend Trading“, at 13 GMT / 8 am EST. Zaheer is Director of The Traders’ Cosmos, but also a contributor of ForexTrading.TV, whose videos are publish every day on FXStreet.

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In this presentation, Zaheer will be giving you an insight into the power of long-term trading. Using only the weekly and daily charts, Zaheer will show you how trends are established, how intra day noise is eliminated reducing the risk of being stopped out, limit your time in the market to 30 minutes or less and how to keep your risk small but returns far greater by compounding into maturing trends capturing thousands of pips. Using price as the main indicator, Zaheer will show you how he keeps his charts clean and uncluttered, only adding a select few indicators to add further weight to specific entry points.

Who is Zaheer?

Zaheer Anwari is a full time trader. Using technical analysis, he has mastered how to repeatedly take advantage of long term trends in minutes a day using the daily and weekly time frame. His journey from novice to full time trader is attributed to the time spent and knowledge gained from his mentors. With all the knowledge he has gained over the years of being a trader, he can not stress enough the importance of having certain key elements in place to achieve success. He sees these elements as links in a chain. If one is weak, the chain will simply break.

He writes for The Huffington Post about all things trading-related, covering all aspects from his inspirations to what is truly needed to achieve financial freedom. He uses this as a platform to connect with those who are serious in mastering the markets and are ready to make the journey from where they are now to a consistently profitable member of our trading community.

Jack Inman

Jack InmanJack Inman is Head of Trader Development at Tradimo. On Monday, at 14 GMT / 9 am EST, he will do a presentation titled “Understanding and trading with Market profile : An Introduction“.

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Market profile is a decision support tool, developed by The Chicago Board of Trade® and Peter Steidlmayer and is based on the concept of ‘balance and imbalance’. It uses letters to form a volume histogram that enables traders to determine areas of fair value, market extremes and points of attraction where the price is likely to reverse to.
It makes use of the concept of ‘dual auction theory’ where buyers and sellers move the market towards levels in which both sides are ‘happy’ to trade in equilibrium with each other. The Initial balance of the profile, and its development over the course of a period, can help traders to determine both trend reversal and continuation, as well as giving specific areas of interest on the chart that is often difficult to see with candlesticks.

The session will focus on giving users a basic understanding of what the market profile is, how to read it and how to use it as a trade tool, in order to help identify the type of day that could develop within the market you are trading. The coaching will also teach users about the value area, identifying points of attraction to trade with and also the concept of responsive vs initiative buying.

Who is Jack?

With over seven years experience, trading professionally in a number or proprietary firms, such as Marex Spectron and TTG, Jack Inman has a broad perspective across almost every assets class that can be traded. He has also been a director of Cuatro Capital ltd, a fund specialising in trading amongst other things, interest rate futures, equity indices, forex and commodities. Jack has also worked as an analyst at London based news service Live Squark.

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