A New Logo: Changes mirror, brand evolution and cohesion

Have you noticed? We’ve changed our logo!

New logo_before-after

The change is smooth as colors have been maintained and, while the typography has changed, the form of the letters evokes the old logo. The domain “.com” has been removed and the pixellized letters too.

“Adapt or die” said Darwin?

When a company decides to change its logo, it conveys different messages. In our case, our rebranding was motivated by these goals:

Reflect the changes in our company and on our website

In the last months, FXStreet has experienced many changes, as a company (a new CEO was named, Carolina May, and other changes in the staff and management took place) and as a website (new website structure in July 2013, this About FXStreet site since February 2013, the launch of Forex MeetUp in several cities, new products as FXBeat, the Live Analysis Room, the renewed FX Brokers Table, the Current Trading Positions,…). Changing our logo represents this transition into a new phase of the company, and helps us communicate it to our clients, users and partners.

Make the brand evolve and be in tune with current design themes

After using the same logo since the first day, and though you’re somehow emotionally attached to these types of things, we thought it was a good moment to make our logo, and by so our image, evolve towards something more in tune with new design tendencies: from pixels to softer forms.

Create cohesion: One image for all languages

FXStreet exists in 17 different languages. Our logo used to include the domain: in English, “.com”, in Spanish “.es”, in Japanese “.jp”, etc. We will remove the domain from the logo in all languages to create just one image for all our websites under one same brand. Shorter, stronger, more visible and unique.

FXstreet Old logo languages
From 17 logos to one


May 2014 bring us positive vibes with this refreshed logo leading the way!

2 thoughts on “A New Logo: Changes mirror, brand evolution and cohesion”

  1. The old one is very cool. It looks like from old computers for example ZX Spectrum. The new one is modern, very smooth. Very nice!

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