Seven new contributors join FXStreet Market Analysis

It’s time to have a look at the new traders and experts who have joined our Analysis section in order to give their view regarding what’s going on in the Market. In the last weeks the new companies and independent contributors that have become members of our club are:

City Trading & Investment

City Trading & InvestmentA trading firm whose model is based upon specializing in 4 key areas; Portfolio Management, Short-Term Trading, International Market Analysis, & market leading Professional Training & Development Programmes. Throughout the combination of theses 4 areas, this company develops and supports a global community of professional traders, who can produce a profitable performance over the longer-term. Paul Gallacher, Head of Trading & Portfolio Management, has been the main contributor to this area, he manages the firm’s global multi-asset portfolio, whilst also trading on an intra-day basis when opportunities arise. He is publishing one daily report, see his latests publications.

FibStalker Trading

 FibStalker TradingThis company provides signals and education in Forex, futures and stocks trading based on an innovative edge rooted in the study of effects of Program Trading algos on price. Giuseppe Basile, CMT, Founder, Trader, Technical Analyst and Mentor FibStalker Trading, is in charge of writing the trade analysis reports. He publishes one daily report, check his latest reports.

Harsh Japee, Independent Analyst

Japee worked as a Network Specialist and was involved in many wide area network implementation projects for corporates and stock exchanges in India. He got involved into Forex Markets since early 2006. Developed Trading Sills and acting as an FX Technical Trainer at Ahmedabad Management Association. With Divine Blessings of Guruji have personally trained around 1600+ participants in Gujarat since March 2008. Also acting as a Currency Hedging Advisor to a few Export-Import Companies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Authored “FX Technical Traders Handbook” published by Ahmedabad Management Association. Read his latest publications.

Malcolm Graham-Wood, Independent Analyst

Graham-Wood started his City career as a trainee analyst at Wood Mackenzie and then cut a swathe through a number of broking houses, all the time building up his knowledge and love of the upstream oil and gas industry including the service sector. Although he is a big fan of the sector, Malcy is not one to hold back a negative opinion if he believes it is warranted. He makes for an interesting lunch companion and is a regular confidante of Chief Executives and institutional investors. He publishes daily, see his latest reports.

Coin Desk

Coin Desk CoinDesk is a world leader in news, prices and information on bitcoin and other digital currencies. They cover news and analysis on the trends, price movements, technologies, companies and people in the bitcoin and digital currency world. The reports are created by different members of their team and published daily. Read them here.

EWM Interactive

 EWM Interactive

EWM Interactive provides technical analysis for Forex, Gold, Oil, DJIA and more, based on the Elliott Wave Principle. Aleksandar Vichev,
Chief Technical Analyst, is the main contributor to this section. Vichev, co-founder at EWM Interactive, uses the Elliott Wave Principle in combination with the Fibonacci proportions. In his trading he concentrates on forex, crude oil, precious metals, indices and the stock market.

Order Flow Trading

Order Flow TradingThis is a community for Market Predators and those who aspire to become one. provides news, real-time trader chat, a comprehensive trader education course and will soon be funding rock star traders through our private prop firm. Justin C. Paolini is its main content contributor, he has been a trader since 2007, first in various institutions in Italy and then for himself. His analysis and reports have been featured in sector specific newspapers and sector specific sites. The content published by Paolini and Order Flow Trading is divided in the following sections:

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