Giuseppe Basile live on FXStreet: ‘Thinking and trading like modern algos’

On June 19th, Giuseppe Basile, (Founder, Trader, Technical Analyst and Mentor FibStalker Trading), will be live on our special Monthly Webinar to talk about “Thinking and Trading like modern algos“. It will be a live webinar and it will be divided in two parts, the former free of charge (13.00 GMT/09.00 am EDT), and the latter Premium (15.00 GMT/11.00 am EDT). The first part of this webinar will be focused on how forex market price move, comparing it with how the average trader thinks the market moves. Program Trading, a major class of algos that strongly influences modern markets, will also be analysed. This first part of the webinar will end investigating the stages of a trader, what is trading all about and choosing consistency and risk acceptance.

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The second part of the webinar is titled: “How ‘secretive’ program trading incorporates market psychology“. Under this name, Basile will review a simple, but very effective setup CME floor traders brought into computer-based trading in the late 80s, among other subjects. This part is only for Premium users, sign up here to register for this webinar.

About Giuseppe Basile

Basile is a Certified Market Technician and swing trader, IFTA and SIAT associate. Holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering and a MA in Finance. In the markets since 2001, became trader and mentor in 2007. Studied with several traders in UK, Europe and US, adding over 7,000 hours of screen time between 2009 and 2013 alone. In 2012 launched FibStalker, a blog specializing in forex, futures and stocks trading, where he also runs a free newsletter and publishes daily videos with actual setups and complete trading plans. Giuseppe’s unique method attempts to spotting footprints of Program Trading, a powerful class of algos that governs the markets. Giuseppe is a rigorous researcher with several published papers about money management, automated trading, HFT and innovative timing and trading methods. See more here.

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