Meet Pablo, Content Editor at FXStreet

This month, it’s time to “take off” from the office in Barcelona to land in Marbella (Malaga) to learn a little bit more about Pablo, who is part of the 30 co-workers that FXStreet has around the world. He is one of the News editors in the Content department who likes a really wide variety of different genres of music and spending time with his little daughter. By reading this interview, you’ll discover his secret opinion on his colleagues (and boss) but also if he really enjoys his job at FXStreet. Furthermore, he will recommend us some movies, tv-shows, and books, as well as some of his favorite musicians. Don’t miss out to know more about Pablo!

Work-related questions:

First of all, can you tell us a bit more about your job as a Content Editor at FXStreet from your point of view?  Hello! I work mainly as an Editor in the English News department, basically covering the FX space as well as other economic developments around the globe. I also collaborate with the project ‘Currency in Play’ and I usually write a daily report on the performance of the EUR/USD pair, what’s on in the calendar, our future prediction, all of it at the Spanish section of FXStreet. 

Following the subject of the previous question, is there any aspect of your job that you would like to change?  

There is nothing I’d like to change from my point of view. Communication among us editors is great and I only regret we cannot share an office!

You have been working already some years at FXStreet so…what is something that makes you proud that you have accomplished at work?

FXS gave me the possibility of developing myself both in the personal and work camps, which I am extremely thankful. I am very happy I can enjoy my work, that I can work and earn money from and it is something I like, something not easy to achieve.

Let’s be brave…would you change something about your boss or co-workers?

None at all!!!… Colleagues are great! Boss is bossy 🙂 and our chat is fluent and always in excellent terms. Respect is always above all. Climbing up the ladder, every time I have the necessity to chat, the answer comes in fast (and fortunately ‘not furious’!).

Is there anything that you have always wanted your coworkers to know but you never had the opportunity to do so? 

 No, there is not. Our workspace is pretty open, you have the feeling that you can share pretty much everything among us. I’ve been working in FXS for nearly 6 years now and I can tell you this is the best News team I have ever work with. It is a pleasure.

What was your dream job when you were a kid?  

When I was a little one I started to feel that my dream job should be something connected to writing or animals, like being a journalist or a naturalist for instance… As time passed by, the idea of journalism linked with economics started to grow bigger and after several years I now find myself working as an editor and well connected to financial and economics!!

Talking about your professional career, where do you see yourself in 5 years? And in 10?

I would like to be here in 5 years of course…!!! 10 years is soooooooo far away.

Are there any strange habits that you do when you are working? 

Not really strange things… just walk around the house,  play a wee bit with my daughter, brew a fresh pot… you know, just to stretch my legs and relax some minutes !!

Now, we want to ask you something that ends the questions about your daily life at work which ironically is also something that people do when the day ends…What do you usually do after work?

When I finish my job I usually go to the swimming pool with my daughter… also a trip to the park with the wee one is always a chance, maybe jump to the supermarket or have a coffee OUTSIDE the house as well… later in the evening I usually go for a run or to the gym. Later, my day ends with my kindle and/or movie/tv show.

Taking a deeper look into Pablo’s personal life:

Following on the previous question…Would you like to recommend us any movie/TV-show/book that you particularly like?

-‘A beautiful mind’, ‘Usual suspects’, ‘Million-dollar baby’ (movies)

– ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Into the Badlands’, ‘Better call Saul’, ‘Ray Donovan’ (Tv-shows)

I love reading and I love history, in particular Roman, medieval and wars…such as ‘Guns, germs and steel’, Jared Diamond.

I know it’s a quiet deep question but we would like to start strong…What makes you happy? Is there something that makes you really angry/upset? 

My daughter makes me happy all day, every day. Disrespect and ignorance upset me the most.

Changing drastically the deepness of the question, are there any bands or singers that you particularly like?

hahah oh I am sooooo 80’s… I am very fond of film soundtracks as well… Used to listen to heavy metal bands when I was younger (well, I still do…)  like Iron Maiden, AC&DC, Motley Crue and some others. I can listen to pretty much everything. U2 and Dire Straits were always some of my faves. I also enjoy country music, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Erasure or Shakira!. You may also find Placido Domingo in my running playlist! I also enjoy acoustic music, there is a nice Czech duo called 2-Cellos, which I find awesome as well as J.M.Jarre.

If you had a superpower, what would you like it to be?

Defo flying… since I have memory!!

If you could change something about you, what would you change? 

My life should be a stroll in the park rather than a 100-m race.

What are your plans for the future? (not talking about work)

Not many plans to be honest. School is starting in a couple of weeks, so need to get ready for the routine again regarding my daughter.  Travel-wise, I am going to Edinburgh soon and will visit my family in Argentina in January.

Have you traveled to any place recently?

I used to travel more often in the past. Since Valentina was born on December 2013 I’ve just postponed some trips, which I expect to share with her soon.

Is there any place in the world that you would like to travel to? 

Iceland, India, Kenya and New Zealand.

Is there any controversial topic that you do not like to talk about but everybody keeps bringing up (politics, sports, worldwide problems, economics…)? Why?  

Not really. I love politics and discussing about it, I really miss going to the cafe with my friends in Argentina and chat over local political issues and so on…there’s plenty to talk about over there!

 Finally, we would like you to thank you for answering these questions and ask you one more to bring down the seriousness…do you have any meme, gif or youtube video that you particularly find really funny and you would like to share?

my all-time fav!!


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