Barcelona terrorist attack: what we lived

Yesterday the city of Barcelona faced a tragic evening: a van was driven into pedestrians in La Rambla, the very centre of our city, next to FXStreet’s headquarters.

Our team is all safe and sound. But we are not gonna lie, we are shaken by this tragedy. We were direct witnesses of the pain and suffering, which we will not forget.

Barcelona, the city that saw the birth of FXStreet, has always been an open, diverse and peaceful society. Today more than ever.

Setxi Fernández, FXStreet CEO, was at La Rambla at that moment. He has written this post (in catalan) with his thoughts during the aftermath. He has the following words for the attackers:

Those who, in the name of any truth, take away what you can not return, you are fewer. You can hurt us, but you’ve already lost. No idea is worth a life, beyond your own.

He also devotes the following words to all the victims:

A memory for those who have left the most prized thing on our beloved Rambla de les Flors, warmth for the families and all the courage for those who struggle to live. You are not alone.

Thank you to all of you who have reached to us and showed your support. Today we really feel that we are all Barcelona.

4 thoughts on “Barcelona terrorist attack: what we lived”

  1. Beautiful words from Setxi Fernández, as I understood them. Thinking of you all and everyone else who was there or near. It\’s hard to imagine and even harder to think about. Even Cyprus feels too near to events this tragic. I speak not only for myself but on behalf of everyone at Spotware / cTrader who have been and will continue to be distracted by this tragedy. Faithfully, James Glyde.

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