How to make the most of our Interactive chart

Rates and Charts is one of our most popular sections and that’s why today we want to guide you through the section, and especially the Interactive Chart.

If you need a professional, web-based, fully customizable and free charting platform, our Interactive Chart is the one you need to trade with full confidence!


FXStreet Interactive Chart is:

  • fully customizable through a wide range of chart types, indicators,     lines, etc
  • web-based (no installation needed)
  • updated in real time (tick-by-tick)
  • totally free of charge. And it will stay like this

And it’s the most complete charting platform for professionals because it has:

  • over 1500 assets (including all Forex pairs and the main Commodities and Indices)
  • unique interbank rates
  • extensive historic data
  • the option to save your configurations

How to make the most of it

Check our new Guide, where you will find the best tips to use this professional trading platform:

1. Chart features

Over 1500 assets
22 different time frames
Extensive historic data
Over 70 technical indicators

2. Chart types

Unique chart types

Heikin Ashi

3. Drawing tools

Exclusive drawing tools

Andrew Pitchfork
Fibonacci Retracements and Arcs
Linear Regression lines

4. Advanced use

Compare assets
Automatic signals generators
Candlestick Patterns Recognition Indicators
Significative line crosses indicators system

5. Save, detach and export

Save your chart configuration
Detach the chart and see it full screen
Export images

Rates & Charts: Why should you use it?

Focusing on the Rates and Charts section, there’s plenty of useful materials that traders can find such as our Interactive Chart, real-time rates, trading positions, rates table, currency forecast, COT net positioning data, correlation chart and bullish percentage index.

Start using our Rates & Charts section to take the maximum profit in your trading strategy!


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