Live Analysis Room’s 1st Anniversary

Live Analysis Room



On June 3rd celebrate the 1st anniversary of our Live Analysis Room (LAR).

Celebration: Participate in our raffle!

To commemorate this anniversary, June 3rd program will be very special and it will include an outstanding marathon of live analysis and interviews with trading gurus and room members. Also a FX DVD set from James Chen and Rob Booker  is going to be raffled among those attendees who share their thoughts on Twitter with the hashtag: “At the #FXroom I’d like...” from June 2nd until June 6th.  The raffle takes place at the end of the June 6th’s show. 

Live Analaysis Room’s first year at a glance 

In its first year and during 200 shows, Dale Pinkert, the host of this room with over 155k views, has been building a nice and faithful community of around 150 traders daily combining regular members and occasional guests, who put together their forex experience every day in a welcoming and entertaining atmosphere. Liam Callan, a member of this community, affirms regarding LAR: “most importantly, it has immensely helped my trading, my understanding of markets that results in me making more profitable trades. It is a place where I find traders helping traders.”

The great amount (250) of interviews with all sorts of professionals of the sector: private or institutional traders, analysts, authors, journalists, economists is the most appreciated work Dale has been doing. He has hosted top experts in the industry such as Dan AlpertJim MartensHarry DentDr. Constantin Gurdgiev or Anthony Grisanti from miscellaneous places like the floors in Chicago and New York to universities in California or United Kingdom and exotic trading desks in Japan, Panama, Australia and Rio de Janeiro.

“It is rewarding to have a vision of a community ‘sharpening steel’ manifest in real time”, claims the room’s anchor Dale Pinkert. “The trader’s job is really hard when the investor is alone in his desk, but in our channel we are building a community of traders that share opinions, advise each other and make them better every day”, affirms Project Leader Mauricio Carrillo.

The most watched interview during the first year of this show has been the one Dale did to Ed Matts on October 19, 2013. Here is the video:

Remember, the Live Analysis Room is free of charge, you just need an FXStreet login to attend!

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