FXBeat gets better and becomes Premium

FXBeat LogoInspired by our users requests, we’ve upgraded FXBeat, FXStreet’s news and commentary feed produced by Jamie Coleman’s team. It is now a Premium service. The FXBeat feed informs and comments on events first, in a fast and fun way, helping traders define the themes that will evolve into market trends.

What’s new?

  • Improvement of the interface: responsive website and refreshed design, a new and powerful commentary tool and user’s profiles.
  • Launch of the FXBeat App, on which you can read and comment all posts – FXBeat with you anywhere, anytime.

What’s maintained?

The FXBeat feed still offer:

  • the same quality information, accuracy, quickness and knowledge
  • the same authors who gather over one hundred years experience of the foreign exchange markets: Jamie Coleman, Gerry Davies, Matt Bacon-Hall and Peter Fell.

How is it?

Want to see the new FXBeat from the inside? Click on PLAY!

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FXBeat for companies

Another novelty is that FXBeat is now offered to Forex companies. Brokers can choose to integrate the white-labeled version of the FXBeat feed on their website or platform. Their clients will also be able to read the news in their Metatrader platform (on “single text mode”). Besides this monthly subscription to the feed, brokers can also buy the FXBeat white-label app.

Another option brokers have is to buy a bulk of licenses: through this option, they can give access to FXStreet’s FXBeat feed to their client base or use it as marketing gifts. FXStreet offers a couple of customizable features to these companies: white-labeled header on the FXBeat website and static marketing messages in the news list.

If you’re interested in these options, contact our Head of e-sales, Colm Mullan at salesATfxstreet.com.

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