Laith Marmarchi and Nicole Elliott, FX Person of the Year 2013

Forex Person of the Year 201This year’s person of the year is once again… the “people” of the year, the two minds behind the ForexTradingTV project:

Laith Marmarchi and Nicole Elliott

Last week, we exposed why we believed their work in 2013 would nominate them for the title. Why do they win over Karin Zalcberg? Today, we want to share with you parts of a conversation we’ve had with Laith about their product.

How did you and Nicole met each other and how did the project of ForexTrading start?

Laith Marmarchi: The project was my idea. There are so many signal services based on technical analysis but people want to know why those signals have been produced and the technical explanation behind them… and the best way to explain something is undoubtedly through video content, especially charts. I met Nicole Elliott in my search for an analysts and with her background in Media and extensive history and expertise, she was the perfect candidate.

 Why did you think your idea would offer soemthing different from what was already available out there?

L.M.: With data today being fast and easily accessible and bandwidth restrictions a thing of the past.. people are often happy to click a play button! Also by delivering the video content straight to mobile devices in real-time, people can watch analysis on the go, especially since they are trading on the go! We analyse markets as they are moving and push content in real-time so people can act on it.

 What would you say were the milestones for ForexTradingTV in 2013?

L.M: We only launched one year ago so the main milestone in 2013 was spreading the word and providing white label platforms and white label apps to broker to give the service to their customers. With the help of Thomson Reuters / Metastock we were also able to spread our reach globally. The service changed half way through the year into a video portal and outsourcing the analysis as opposed to doing everything in house. Viewers need different ideas, types of analysis and trading styles after all. We encourage anyone who would like to contribute video analysis to contact us!

What are your goals for 2014? New projects?

L.M: We have just integrated a dealer insight service into our news feed providing real-time FX flows going through the London session. Our service is very much real-time and many traders are hooked on instant content (not necessarily a good thing as the market is full of noise and trading decisions are susceptible to going wrong as a result of that!). At some point in 2014 we would like to offer a mirror trading service, plus some other ideas which you will find out about…

What do you think of the current situation and available content in terms of Forex analysis nowadays?

L.M: The market is full of different types of services from straight analysis sites to mentorship programs, signal services and EA’s. It’s difficult, especially for a beginner, to navigate through this and portals such as FXStreet are the perfect place to go and find out about the general market offering. As with any industry, first mover advantage is key and the portals will be the winners as opposed to specialized services…. and hopefully ForexTrading.TV will be the new YouTube for Forex Technical Analysis 😉


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