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daleDale Pinkert, the anchor and host of FXStreet’s Live Analysis Room, continues his fight against colo-rectal cancer. He recently  had a surgery operation and though everything went well, he’ll need a long recovery period. However, Dale will be back in two weeks in the Live Analysis Room. You can join his fight.

If you’d like to help Dale with medical expenses, you can do it through this PayPal account:

All the funds raised will go to Dale’s treatment. On Dale’s behalf, thank you.

FXStreet Team

6 thoughts on “Join the fight with Dale”

  1. “The winner is a dreamer who never gives up!” N.Mandela

    Kepp fighting Dale, wish you all the best!


  2. Sounds like a bit of a bummer Dale but chin up, hope you come out of your ordeal smiling and thx for the good work you’ve put in. I’m a bit of a pauper so hope you don’t feel insulted by my 5 dollar measly contribution. My bro has been researching the benefits of hemp oil in regards to cancer – there is a lot of info on the net regarding this – I’m not joking Dale although at first I too was a disbleiver – now though I’m convinced it’s worth a try for anyone in such a predicament as yours.
    All the best,
    ps : lol just remarked that the last 3 letters of the security code are THD which is a component of hemp – it my be a psychic internet connection!

  3. It’s THC that’s in hemp not THD one ajoining letter in the alphabet of a mistake – sorry for being inaccurate. Cheers, Chris.

  4. hi dale, money may not help …but take this (cut onelemon into several piecies ,put into a cup of water for an hour or so, take morning you will be ok

  5. Hi Dale, In Latvia is possible to buy juice of fungus Phallus impudicus( zemestauku sēne).Very effective against this type of cancer.Cheers Maris

  6. Hi Dale,
    Will remember you in my prayers.
    Have added your request on my twitter account.
    God Bless

    Alan Heathcote

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