FXstreet.com news editor Gus Farrow passed CMT Level 1

Gus FarrowLast Friday Gus Farrow, FX analyst and news editor for FXstreet.com, went to London to take the CMT Level 1 exam and passed! CMT stands for Chartered Market Technician, and is the study of Technical Analysis.  It covers a lot of theory and definition at this level. Next up is Level 2 which  is focused on the application of theory into practice.

As explained on the Market Technicians Association website: “The Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Program requires candidates to demonstrate proficiency in a broad range of topics in the field of  Technical Analysis. The Program consists of three levels. CMT Level 1 and CMT Level 2 are multiple choice exams while CMT Level 3 is in short answer form.”

The Market Technicians Association is a not-for-profit professional regulatory organization servicing over 4,500 market analysis professionals in over 85 countries around the globe. The MTA’s main objectives involve the education of the public, the investment community and its membership in the theory, practice and application of technical analysis.

The next exam is in October, which Gus might do in Madrid. We want to congratulate him for such a nice achievement and wish him good luck (more than luck, you need loads of hours of study) for the other levels so he can be, in the end, a designed CMT, just as Gonçalo Moreira, our content adviser at FXstreet.com.

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