FXStreet and University of Essex Online launch the ‘Financial Trading Analysis’ course

Barcelona, September 23, 2014 – FXStreet has partnered with University of Essex Online to create an online programme, aimed at providing students with an introduction into trading and investment. The course, Financial Trading Analysis (FTA), is a short MSc level introduction to finance for those who have an active interest in trading, investment and risk management, and want to learn more about financial markets and how they operate. The first edition starts on January, 13th and the cut off for applications is January, 8th.

This course is focused on how financial securities and assets are analysed, used and traded by different market participants for different applications. It develops students understanding of different asset classes (including foreign exchange, commodities, stocks, and derivatives), analytical approaches, risk management strategies and trading psychology.

Students will be able to put their learning into play on live trading simulators while benefiting from the insight of experienced industry professionals. Additionally, this 4 month course is worth 20 credits at Level 7 (Masters Level), which can be carried forward and converted should a student progress onto a University of Essex Online business Masters courses. Learn more.

Trading and training

The financial markets are important to individuals, organisations and entire nations; affecting everything from personal wealth to corporate behaviour. Whether you want to build on your undergraduate business studies with an eye to financial management, take the first step towards a career in investment banking or brokerage or create a portfolio as a private investor, the Financial Trading Analysis course will give you an excellent grounding in how financial markets operate and how industry professionals approach them.

Carolina May, CEO of FXStreet, declared: “In trading, the importance of good training as a basis for the future is crucial. For this reason, we have decided to start this collaboration with University of Essex Online, an online learning provider of recognized experience and prestige.”

Notes to Editors
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