FXStreet improves Brokers Comparative Table service with real time data

FXStreet improves its Brokers Comparative Table service and renews its design offering real time spreads data.

Barcelona, June 23rd, 2014 – FXStreet has improved its Brokers Comparative Table service and renewed its design, offering real time spreads data. The FXStreet Brokers Table will support 21 brokers, with more to follow, and 6 currency pairs, enabling investors to track, compare and analyse the pricing activity. All the brokers listed in FXStreet Brokers Table are regulated by the requisite regulatory bodies.

The key improvement is focused on real time updates which will be extremely useful to traders who will be able to see the real time contrast between broker offerings, in a cutting-edge interface and improved layout. Additionally, the table also highlights commission costs, helping traders to determine the best value broker for their needs. Further, brokers who offer a fixed price are also included as their services are especially suited to periods of high volatility and low liquidity. All data published in the Brokers Comparative Table comes from real accounts, which makes it especially valuable when making trade decisions.

FXStreet’s next scheduled upgrade for the table, due for launch soon, is a historical study of currency prices offered by each broker. This information will allow traders to understand how prices behave around key levels. Spread tables are currently used as a marketing tool, but they haven’t been used for analytical ends. This would be possible with the new implementation that FXStreet is going to offer to its audience.

Carolina May, CEO of FXStreet, points out that “the broker’s table responds to our visitor’s need to get real time information on the broker and helps to make the market more transparent by being able to follow in real time spreads’ changes.” The content is now provided by Myfxbook, an online automated analytical tool for your forex trading account and a social forex community first of its kind. Using Myfxbook information is a quality feature for FXStreet, due to this website offering a more realistic view of the information: the data not only shows spreads but it also includes the impact of implicit costs such as slippages. See the renewed service here.

What’s what

The spread is the difference between the bid and the ask price, and it’s expressed with a similar quote convention than the pair: Bid / Ask. Being the Bid the highest quoted price at which the counterparty is willing to buy a currency pair, and the Ask price the lowest quoted price at which he is willing to sell.

Notes to Editors
FXStreet was founded in January 2000. As its distinctive trademark, the website has always been proud of its unyielding commitment to provide objective and unbiased information and to enable its users to take better and more confident decisions. On the website, the real-time quotes, news, newsletters and interactive chats with experts from all over the world are among the most well-received contents. FXStreet has managed to gain the collaboration of the entire Forex industry,
from professional individuals and small companies right up to Forex Brokers and Investment Banks. Besides the main website in English, the website is available in 16 other languages (Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, Turkish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Korean and Catalan).
In 2013, these FXStreet sites reached 102,060, 757 pageviews. The English website garnered the most important part of the traffic with 84,990,581 pageviews and 5,179,267 absolute unique visitors.
FXStreet was short listed as “Best e-FX initiative of the year (vendor)” for the FX Week e-FX Awards 2010 and won TraderPlanet’s STAR Awards 2013 for its Economic Calendar.

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