FXStreet’s Forex Person of the Year 2014 is Adam Button

Adam Button has played a vital role in ForexLive, one of the most important websites of the retail Forex industry.

Barcelona,  December 19, 2014 – Adam Button, Managing Editor of ForexLive, has been named “Forex Person of the Year 2014” by FXStreet, the independent Forex information website. ForexLive is a news website which provides insight into the market from a trader’s perspective and is followed by around 170,000 readers every month.

ForexLive purely represents the type of product which promotes transparency and information quality and Adam Button has done an excellent job during the year at the front of ForexLive, strengthening an already successful model. In addition, his decision to take over the management of the company (together with co-analysts Eamonn Sheridan, Mike Paterson and Ryan Littlestone) in September of this year represented a vital move for ForexLive but also excellent news for the sector with the arrival of a new independent website (ForexLive used to be property of the broker FXDD).
Another remarkable and trader-oriented decision is Adam Button’s plan to make of ForexLive, typically used by experienced traders, a website more accessible to newcomers. “When you jump into our site there is nowhere to learn and the rush to offer real-time analysis doesn’t leave time to explain the finer points but that’s going to change. We’ve brought in Greg Michalowski as Director of Client Education and Technical Analysis. He’s creating the content that will help people understand what the real-time headlines mean and how the market really works. Part of it will simply be organizing the content better. We have more than 160,000 posts on ForexLive and there are some real gems so we want people to be able to explore that”, he explained to FXStreet. This way, ForexLive will expand his readership and at the same time promote the education of traders, something that FXStreet’s always supported.

Carolina May, CEO of FXStreet, explains why she thinks Adam’s achievement deserves a prize: “ForexLive has grown impressively and positioned itself as THE reference in the Forex News and Commentary field… We wanted to take off our hat to Adam and his team as we believe their work has already and will continue to benefit the industry as a whole.”

“This is a great honour for me but it’s really for ForexLive and all the people who have made it such a thriving place for forex news and analysis”, said Adam Button when he learned the news.

FXStreet’s annual Forex Person of the Year title pays tribute to a person or a team of people behind a product or service that positively contributed to make the Forex world better, more respected and more transparent during the previous year. The focus is innovation, transparency and quality.

Notes to Editors

FXStreet was founded in January 2000. As its distinctive trademark, the website has always been proud of its unyielding commitment to provide objective and unbiased information and to enable its users to take better and more confident decisions. On the website, the real-time quotes, news, newsletters and interactive chats with experts from all over the world are among the most well-received contents. FXStreet has managed to gain the collaboration of the entire Forex industry,
from professional individuals and small companies right up to Forex Brokers and Investment Banks. Besides the main website in English, the website is available in 16 other languages (Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, Turkish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Korean and Catalan).
In 2013, these FXStreet sites reached 102,060,757 pageviews. The English website garnered the most important part of the traffic with 84,990,581 pageviews and 5,179,267 absolute unique visitors.
FXStreet was short listed as “Best e-FX initiative of the year (vendor)” for the FX Week e-FX Awards 2010, won the TraderPlanet’s STAR Awards 2013 for its Economic Calendar and the Forex Magnates Best Educational Tool Award 2014 for its Learning Center.

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