Fundamental analysis and News analysis concept with Nenad Kerkez

NewspapersWe’re bringing you an exclusive “Monthly Webinar” with Nenad Kerkez on June 30th. He will focus on fundamental facts and major news releases which can affect the movement of the price and how to trade those movements.

This is a two-part webinar (one hour each part).

The first part of the webinar will explain major fundamental facts and news data which traders should be paying attention to during trading hours. This part is open to all users for free. You can already register! – This part is sponsored by

The second part of the webinar will be reserved for 2 exclusive modules used for PNT concept. Those modules are NEWS and NFP trading. Nenad will explain how to trade NEWS and NFP releases with his own proprietary PNT price action method. This part is for Premium users only. Want to know what is our Premium service? Here you go!

Nenad Kerkez is an analyst and trader who has been in the market since 2008 and works closely with Admiral Markets as their Head Lecturer and Market Analyst. He is well known in the FX Community, ranking in the top 10 traders and analysts in the Forex Factory High Impact Members Ranking. Further, his profile there has had over 4 million visits so far. Nenad covers over 25 currencies on an intraday basis and has a Masters in economics. He also developed CAMMACD TM, a proprietary trading and analysis strategy. Further, he is the co-founder and head of Elite Currensea Trading, an educational website for currency traders.

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“Monthly Webinar”?

FXStreet hosts these special 2-hour webinars every now and then. In the past, there were organized every single month. Not anymore, because we’ve created other special events, as the “One Day, One Topic”… but we’ve kept the name, “Monthly Webinar”. Maybe we’ll change it at some point… or not šŸ˜‰
I’ve searched in our backoffice, and the oldest Monthly Webinar I found is from October 2006, “Developing a Profitable Trading System” presented by John Putman, who is not contributing on FXStreet, but is still in the Forex industry, as Managing Member of FX Analytics.

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