Forex Forecast 2017: What’s next in currency markets?

After the Panel Discussion organized at FXStreet on December 16, we want to provide you further content to help you to understand what topics will be the main trends this 2017. Here you have those special reports. 


Interviewing the Experts

We have interviewed six of our best contributors to know what topics may be the key ones in this brand new 2017.

Analysis for Currencies and Central Banks

Our analysts wrote a series of articles with their forecasts for 2017 about the major currency pairs and the Central Banks.

2 thoughts on “Forex Forecast 2017: What’s next in currency markets?”

  1. So much false predictons / 125 – 128 / as USD -JPY , Yohay not yet invented . Was it necessary to wasted his good opinion? And now what next for the couple ?

    1. Hi Jacek, thank you for sending your feedback.

      I’m sorry if we don’t meet your expectations but I’m quite sure that our team is doing a good job. Before publishing a report, we get informed about currency markets as the objective media news that we are.

      If you would like to send us further feedback, please contact us here:

      Many thanks and have a great day.

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