Forex Forecast 2016: What’s to come? – Special Reports

Forex Forecast 2016

What’s to come in 2016 for the currency markets? After the Panel Discussion we organized in December (whose recording you can still watch), our team created different content to help our readers understand what topics and trends should unfold this year. Here you have those special reports.

Interviewing the Experts

New Year, new life. Or so they say. Is this actually true for the markets? Coming into the New Year, we have interviewed ten of our best contributors trying to get a glance on which topics may be the key ones in this brand new 2016.
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Here you have each expert’s full interview:

Analysis for Currencies and Central Banks

Our in-house analysts wrote a series of articles with their forecasts for 2016 for the major currency pairs and the main Central Banks around the world.


Central Banks

Survey: Forecasting currencies and commodities

To get a bigger picture on what the market expects, we did a survey among 48 contributing experts about their predictions on some trends and prices for currencies and commodities as well as developing macroeconomic events.
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