Forex Best Awards 2014: Vote is open!

Forex Best AwardsFor the 4th consecutive year, FXStreet will celebrate its Forex Best Awards, which highlights the very best analysis, educational content and contributors from the previous year.


There are 10 categories of with between 4 and 6 nominees. This list was prepared by FXStreet content team based on the quality and success of the contributors and their content.

Check the nominee’s full list


The winners of each category are chosen through popular vote and through the vote of a professional jury.

The popular vote will be organized through a SURVEY that opens today, February 7th and will be closed one week later, on February 14th, at 8 am GMT.

Popular vote

You are all welcome to cast your vote!

Three simple rules:
1 vote per person
– If there is a category you don’t feel you are able to vote for, you can just choose skip it.
– Your participation will be considered as valid only if you go until the last question. Uncomplete surveys won’t be counted.


Vote now!

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Professional Jury

The professional jury is made of members of the FXStreet team, but we also invited professionals from other companies, with different backgrounds. The jury’s members are:

  • Jamie Coleman – FXBeat’s Managing Editor
  • Yohay Elam – Founder of ForexCrunch
  • Ron Finberg – Editor at Forex Magnates
  • Antonio Jaureguizar – Partner at Noesis
  • Valeria Bednarik – Chief Analyst at FXStreet
  • Gonçalo Moreira, CMT – Content Advisor at FXStreet
  • Alberto Muñoz, PhD – Forex Analyst at FXStreet

2 thoughts on “Forex Best Awards 2014: Vote is open!”

  1. Fxstreet is very helpful and informative site. The basic education and knowledge is being provided. I have learn a lot through this site, and love it.
    Knowledge and the technical assistance which I get from this site is not matchable. I congratulate the entire team for their devoted efforts and good work.

  2. Voted and shared, very interesting concept. Haven’t seen any such contests with individual analysts and experts as nominees. Keep up the good work!

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